Our mission is to discover and develop new technologies which improve the quality of our water.

Since 1988, Paragon Water has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing quality and cost-effective filtration products. As an Original Design Manufacturer, we provide high-quality products and solutions which ultimately enhance your bottom line.

Paragon is curently the supplier of choice for many well-recognized American brand names. We have invested heavily in manufacturing and testing equipment, and our filtration business has exponentially grown. Hand-in-hand, we work together with our customers designing and developing new products.

With rich experience in OEM, Paragon has developed a reputation for offering the highest quality products.
OEM: We offer a wide range of products that meet water filter requirement you might have. Our extensive line of water filters is designed to support a wide range of markets and customers applications.
ODM: Paragon has the design, manufacturing and supply chain expertise to deliver your unique product requirement on time at the cost you need to compete in the market.

Program&Production Management

From concept through high volume manufacturing, every program is managed by a Program Manager located at Paragon’s USA office. The Program Manager works closely with the customer to develop product specifications and program goals.


Our design team has over 160 years of both experience and expertise. Using the latest CAD&CAM technology, prototypes are quickly developed and tested. Our testing facilities house state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated, educated staff focused on quality.

 Research & Development

The R&D Department at Paragon Water has three main responsibilities: (1)Development of New Products, (2)Verification and Quality Control of Existing Products, (3)Development of New Manufacturing Technologies. New product development ofter involves instituting new process and analytical procedures, procuring new materials, selection of the best mixtrues or components and verification of the process condition and capacity of the products. Paragon continually adds additional analytical methods, test stands and testing procedures conforming as closely as possible to NSF standards.

 Injection Molding

Paragon has the advantage of plastic injection molding experience and expertise as well as precise plastic injection molding machines. These machines have a clamping force ranging from 40T to 800T. In addition to these machines, we also have access to Central Material Feeding Systems and Robotic Arms which assist us in ensuring accurate and efficient production. Our team has mastered tremendous knowledge on the performance properties of most plastic resins which greatly helps product design and production.

Many new technologies have been introduced into our molding production such as LSR Injection Molding, Dual-Shot Injection Molding, Hot Runner System and Gas Assist Injection Molding. This is the result of great effort along with continual technology research.

 Blow Molding

We utilize a state-of-the-art strech blow molding process to manufacture bottles, containers and a variety of hollow plastic parts. Products are manufactured from PET, PP or PPE material and can be strain hardened to prevent deformation under high pressures. We provide customers with low tooling cost options, high capacity rates and the ability to blow mold complex and green/recycable components. Additional design features can be added through over-molding.


Our production lines are operated under strict Lean Six Sigma controls. Critical product characteristics are identified in every process and controlled using detailed manufacturing control plans. Molding, assembly and test processes are continuourly monitored by our team of highly skilled engineers, operators, and inspectors to ensure finished products are build to the highest standards.


We became ISO9002 certified in 1998 and ISO9001 certified in 2001. In addition, we obtained ISO/Ts 16949 certification which is regarded as one of the strictest industrial quality system certifications. These certifications are the foundation which we continually build upon. Most of our main product lines have passed industrial certification of North America, Europe and China including IAPMO, NSF, CSA, WRAS and GB.

A team of more than 300 well-trained quality personnel is dedicated to quality control. This team is involved from the design phase to ensure both quality and reliability.

 We look forward to working with you to develop your product solution.